Jeg fikk en godt kjent fyr til å stille opp som gjesteblogger. Her er hva han skrev til meg:

Hello, It’sa me, Mario! I often go to mandagspils, but then very drunk, yes? My friend say to me, be sober tonight, eh? How does it feel? Tell me when mandagspils is over, yes? I always drink lotsa lotsa wine. For some reason favorite drink is tequila mixed with wine, sake and Budweiser. But not tonight. I did not drink a single thing. It is very odd to not drink when’a it’s mandagspils. I had friend with me, we drank coke.

When we took pictures, they made light fun, but they are okey with me not drinking. It’sa work day tomorrow for everyone, yes? Nex time i will drink, but it’sa good to not drink today. I plan to wake up early tomorrow and not have a headache until 12pm. I told lotsa jokes, danced and had great fun. I did not break a single glass this time, and did not go into wrong bathroom by mistake. Lucky me. Perhaps i will go out to town another time and try drinking different alcohol free drinks. My friend says there are good ones too!

All in all, coke tasted good all night. People was’a nice, mostly. Wife is very happy with me not coming home drunk. When i’m drunk i snore lotsa.